About us 


In the beginning was only the thought of changing the way of feeling products we already know from daily use. 

So how can we interprete things new?

We are a learning organisation.

We transmogrify the basic needs & add our wishes in the way we create the design until it is ready to be produced.

All together you feel the interaction of all needed variables.

We design & create the fabrics of all our products by ourself with all standards required.

We search always to develop, improve and customize our design according to the needs of our customers.

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The expectations of ourselves is to provide high quality and reliable work to meet your requirements!

We work with our heart & soul!



Our company is made up of a friendly and highly competent team of experts.

We do our job very efficiently, thanks to the use of the latest technologies and a good teamwork..

All the people we need to produce your handmade ArYa product are working at the latest standards.