What makes the  AR•YA® Hammock special?


The AR•YA® Hammock is for a multifunctional use



sun, wind & sand protection
picknick blanket
half tent
room concept
blanket to keep warm



lots of privacy 



a welcome place for others to join



you define the way of use


The AR•YA®  Hammock

  • is a “double-wide” or “two-person” hammock with 3 same size panels
  • constructed with a newly developed purpose-driven  bamboo and polyester fabric
  • nature friendly, antibacterial fungicidal and breathable
  • multipupose
  • lightweight 997 grams
  • open rectangle design
  • capacity 350 kilograms
  • sewn on interior pocket
  • multiple loops on all borders
  • luminous and intense colours

Each hammock is hand crafted, triple stitched and checked for its quality

The set comes with

  • two 5 meters flat webbing nylon ropes good adhesion even on traffic poles - with metal rope ends
  • stuff sack
  • AR•YA®  storage Hammock with zipper & carabiner

y o u r  n e x t  f a v o u r i t e  t h i n g






 AR·YA® hammocks are bamboo based designed with love and finished with fine art stiching. 

The force of Newton is with us - to give you a sturdy-cosy-like never before experienced feeling

when touching and laying down in the AR·YA® fabric. Aaayeah. 

The meaning of Arya in Sanskrit is nobel and exhalted.
This is as well our philosophy which we share with people everywhere we go.
Giving back the real relaxation in the cosiest way of being in a lightweight hammock.

The multipurpose usage makes your AR·YA® addictive in many ways.

You don´t depend on thinking about when to use your new hammock 

because there is always a use for it - every single day! 

It´s a set of the AR·YA® hammock bag - the small AR·YA® hammock bag & the AR·YA® hammock classic 

you get - when ordering with us by sending us a request below.

Starting with the small AR·YA® hammock bag for the AR·YA® hammock classic

The small AR·YA® hammock  bag  51x70cm is   

a pouch - a neck support - a swing for kids - a bag for your bike - car hammock

You define your own style of usage.

For example:  Use the small hammock in your car between the space of the frontseat´s head supports 

as a great lightweight - friendly - cosy & sturdy storage.


We give you the AR·YA® protection bag 30x25cm as an extra for your 

 AR·YA® hammock classic while you love to use the AR·YA® hammock bag

for other things than just carrying your AR·YA® hammock classic. ;-)


The AR·YA® hammock classic 265x225cm inclusive the small AR·YA® hammock bag
& the extra protection bag has a total weight of only 997grams.

Fine ropes specially designed for you are included as well
They have nickelfree ends to throw easily the ropeends over branches.

The size of an AR·YA® hammock classic is 265cm x 225cm 

 extrabroad for real stretching possibilities when used as Airseat

The loading capacity is 450kg

with specially designed straps to hold in place perfectly even on traffic poles.

Only you need to know a shoe node & do slightly a savety knot - to easily reopen after.

Videos you  can see on our YouTube Channel.

You get

a sunroof

an airseat

a hammock

a bedsheet

a picknick blanket

a wind- & sandprotection

lots of privacy 


a welcome place for others to join

loops along all sides of the AR·YA®Hammock classic 

offer various possibilities to attach things you like 

or another AR·YA®Hammock as a room concept 


with the small 


AR·YA® hammock  bag



a pouch

 a neck support

a swing for kids

a bag for your bike

a car sturdy storage hammock







AR·YA® is the brand for our in & outdoor products to turn people into the "AryaAaayea-relaxation feeling" 





This happens as soon as one of the various "AR·YA®Hammocks" is in your hand - ready to explore.

The AR·YA® Hammock is our first lightweight product - easily to enjoy for two adults.

Consits of lightshining - durable - breathable - skin & windprotecting bamboo fabrics.

Is available in two sizes & every one consists of three colours:



AR·YA® classic hammock 265 cm by 225 cm  for two adults or more up to 450kg or 900lb *tested


AR·YA® bag hammock  51x70cm comes together with the same colour as the ordered AR·YA® classic:   


usage as:  a swing - pouch - neck support - car hammock- swing for kids up to 35kg *tested 





Designed for relaxation as a:



hammock - childsave between two trees.
airseat to hang the AR·YA® classic horizontal on a branch width 80-100cm 
use to bend laying straight if needed
 do exercises because of perfect grip on the sturdy fabric
sunsail for UV-protection and cool shadow


many more YOU can explore.




YOU are the creative one!





For example use AR·YA® classic hammock inside your home 


even office to get the "AR·YA® classic hammock" liberty feeling indoor.

Anti-burn-out yourself! Holiday at work!


AR·YA® gives you privacy as well - everywhere YOU define & need it!


Maybe on a trip with your bike - boat - car or plane.


 Your "AR·YA® way" of relaxation & the various possibilities 

YOU can find out with the "AR·YA® hammock". 

Please feel free to visit our Facebook Instagram page.




 All the colours of the materials might be slightly different than shown on your screen.







Here is a deep review of the AR·YA® classic hammock from Derek Hanson - the expert of hammocks.




Ar·Ya Youtube Channel